Life skills and Emotional Intelligence

Sardines at school copy

This play is a very effective way to learn!

The only way that anyone can truly understand the amazing clarity, calmness and strength of character that comes when a person or a group develops emotional intelligence is to experience it. All we need do is use EQGrow activities to playfully develop our natural skills and abilities. Here is a sample of some research on the benefits.

It’s simply learning how to:

  • Remain calm and focused, especially when the going gets tough
  • Access and knowingly use our inner intelligence to use common sense to fix problems
  • Not just cope with life’s challenges, but learn and grow with them
  • Peacefully resolve our differences and let go of any emotional attachment
  • Understand what a feeling or emotion is telling us and to appropriately use the information
  • Develop positive beliefs and a proactive mindset
  • Access and use all of our potential and be in the “zone” at will

Developing emotional intelligence and resilience prepares us to:

  • Calmly focus and apply ourselves when faced with any challenge
  • Use our inner intelligence to master any subject or challenge quickly
  • To approach any task with clear intent and a “just do it” attitude
  • To be more discerning and mindful of the consequences of our choices
  • To be trusting and to be trusted
  • Enjoy living with peace of mind and strength of character
  • Adopt a proactive mindset and a can-do attitude
  • Have the resilience to bounce back when we fall
  • Understand how our belief system can either limit or free us
  • Be responsible with the influence we have on others, which is more than most people know
  • Create  environmsafe, peaceful and vibrant

For an extensive list of internal skills, abilities and qualities



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