“On one level I think the Gho-Ghet experience can give, or enable people to develop a ‘quiet assurance’. It is an understated feeling of confidence and strength, something steady and reliable. An almost innate sense of ‘I can manage this’ without thinking too much about it. The activities also help to illustrate how intuition can be powerful if we learn how to follow it.” Julianne, Psychologist.

Listen to self – it’s smart to do!

Our inner voice gently communicates with feelings and all we need do is learn to listen. Be it a strong feeling, a flash of inspiration or a gut feeling you missed something. Or you’re angry and don’t know why. At school, seldom are we taught how to listen to, trust and calmly explain how we feel. Our feelings can be strong and easily miss understood, making us anxious, depressed or very confused and all we need do is learn how to listen!

90% of top performers learn how to listen!

“Absolutely one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done in terms of self understanding, development and fulfilment. I have rediscovered skills I had forgotten I had.” D. Copper Phd. Perth, W.A.

Improve behaviour and attitude easily!

It is our natural instinct to learn through play. So Gho-Ghet simply creates the right environment and then offers specific learning challenges to be mastered. Players then learn with remarkable speed and efficiency!

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